8 Amazing Facts To Know About La Sagrada Familia

Spain is a beautiful country and there are several places and monuments to visit. But the one that is completely breathtaking is La Sagrada Familia, a church in Barcelona, Spain. Antoni Gaudi is the architect who is credited with this yet-to-be-completed architectural marvel.
la sagrada familia

Some incredible facts associated with La Sagrada Familia

  • Structure construction took much longer time: 150 years is definitely a very long time for constructing a church, much more than building the Egyptian Pyramids and just 5 decades less than building than Great Wall of China.
  • Construction over Century: It was in 1882 that its construction began. Only a quarter of the basilica got completed as Gaudi expired in 1926. 2026 is considered to be its tentative completion date.
  • UNESCO listed site: Although not yet completed, this basilica has been designated in 1984 as UNESCO listed world heritage site. It is its unique architecture combined with Gaudi’s artistic creativity that has managed it to derive this recognition. It is among 7 of Gaudi’s creations to be listed by UNESCO.
  • It ran a school: Gaudi had built a school here during its early construction days named ‘Sagrada Familia School’. Designed in 1909, it was meant to educate children belonging to workers engaged in its construction. The school presently is converted into an exhibition.
  • 18 magnificent towers: On completion, this basilica is likely to have 18 towers with 12 of them representing apostles, 1 for Virgin Mary, 4 for evangelists and last and the highest one in middle to represent Jesus Christ. Currently, there are just 8 towers.
  • Tomb of Gaudi: After Gaudi’s death due to a tram accident, his body has been buried in La Sagrada Familia. His tomb is in the building’s underground level. Visitors are allowed to view the tomb, which is enclosed by 4 chapels, with each being dedicated towards different figures. His tomb is kept in a chapel that is dedicated towards El Carmen Virgin.
  • No longer referred to as a Cathedral: On starting of construction, it was actually planned to be designed as an ordinary Roman Catholic Church. Then it was to be a cathedral. Pope Benedict XVI, in 2010 had declared the building to be a basilica.
  • Controversial Facades: It has 3 facades and Gaudi himself had completed the Nativity Facade. Glory Facade and Passion Facade were constructed much later. As sculptures of Christ got included by Joseph Maria Subirachs to Passion Facade, many argued it to be abstract, thus taking away vision and style of Gaudi as an architect and artist.

Getting to know about the basilica can help to increase knowledge.

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