7 Best Of The Great Pyramid of Giza Facts

Great Pyramid of Giza for over 4,000 years have been towering over Nile’s west bank to the south of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. There are several remarkable theories pertaining to everything with regards to its astrological connections and construction methods. Let’s get into the great pyramids of Giza facts.
the great pyramid of giza facts

7 Of  The Great Pyramid of Giza Facts

  • The earliest Egyptian pyramids had been constructed a century ago: Tombs of Egyptian kings were constructed for several underground before the construction of step pyramid around 2630 BCE by Pharaoh Djoser in Saqqara, located on the southern part of Giza. This tomb predates the Red Pyramid of Sneferu, considered to be the very first and true pyramid.
  • Constructed for Pharaoh Khufu, the 2nd Pharaoh of 4th Dynasty: Khufu, son of Hetepheres I & Sneferu was Hellenized as Cheops, ascended the throne during the 20s. There is a statue of Khufu that stands of 3” height.
  • Constructed between the period 2560 & 2540 BCE: Khufu started the construction process just after the 341 ft. tall Red Pyramid of Sneferu in Dahshur. The Great Pyramid of Giza is regarded to be the largest among all tombs constructed in the ancient world and a centrepiece of the complex. It comprises of a mortuary temple, Khufu’s wives tombs, causeway, boat pits and a valley temple.
  • Was once the world’s tallest man-made structure: The Great Pyramid at 481 ft. tall had once eclipsed other structure ever built until construction of Lincoln Cathedral during 1311 CE.
  • Shrunk around 25 ft.: Currently, its height is only 455 ft. tall, since the structure’s 25 ft. of stone had been sliced due to continuous erosion over so many centuries. There is presently an iron triangle atop the pyramid. It represents the capstone or pyramidion, which once was the structure’s apex.
  • Chambers completely looted: around 9th Century CE, there were some human remains within the King’s Chamber. However, the interior is left barren due to constant looting, except red granite sarcophagus of Khufu. Moreover, white limestone casing which once was part of the exterior cover had been taken to be used for other building projects by different kings and rulers.
  • The pyramid was built using 2.3 million stone-blocks: Approximately, 525 miles upriver, at the Aswan quarry was considered to be the site for stones that were used for making huge blocks, which was used in the pyramid’s construction. On average, each stone block weighed around 2.5 tons, while the pyramid weighed about 6.5 million tons.

These amazing Great Pyramid of Giza facts are sure to leave you stunned!

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